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Truth for Today Medical Missions “Caring hands reaching hardened hearts”

Mission share costs are based on airfare at time of publication and may be subject to change in the event of a drastic change in airfare. Visa fees (if applicable) are the responsibility of the team member.

       We will be Working with a great group of Pastors and churches in the Upper Northwest Region of Ghana, near the city of Wa, this should be an exciting trip.  Our last visit to this area was one of our most productive for the Lord.  The need is great and the people friendly in this lovely but somewhat harsh region.



This will be a trip of moderate difficulty due to long hours of travel to reach Wa.  We need both medical and non-medical volunteers for this trip.


                                    Trip Share is: $2975.00  

Trip share due in the Chattanooga, TN office by December 6, 2018.

Ghana, West Africa  Jan 31-Feb 13, 2019 Kenya, Africa Oct 1-13, 2019

We will once again be ministering in the lovely Kilgoris, Kenya area. This is the home of the Massai tribe. http://www.kenya-information-guide.com/maasai-tribe.html.

Attention: Information Change! 5.12.2019. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE See Below.

We will be serving again with Missionary Robert Mickey and the people of his church along with the National Pastors of the area. Previous trips to Kenya have been enjoyable and always fruitful for the Lord. The Massai people are friendly and very grateful for the medical and vision care we provide. We could use a large team of both medical and non- medical volunteers. The last time we visited this area we saw over 3,000 patients and expect to be very busy this time as well.  While we are in the area we will make a visit to the Massai Mara (Serengeti). This will be a life changing trip.

Mission Share: 2975.00

Mission share due in the Chattanooga, TN. Office before June 1st, 2019.  Notice: Limited space available. If you have not applied and plan on going, EMAIL OR CONTACT DR. WALLER NOW!


Honduras   June 27-July4, 2019

Once again we will be working in the villages surrounding Choluteca, Honduras.  This is an area of magnificent but rugged mountains, populated by friendly rural folk who really need and appreciate the help we can offer.  Our host missionary, Bro. Barry Ritchie, and a great team of soul winners and national pastors have always made this a great and successful place to work.

In country travel will be a bit rough and dusty on rugged mountain roads.  We will be doing both eyeglasses and medicine on this trip, so all volunteers are greatly needed.  This will be a great trip for "first timers," but has much to offer for experienced missions travelers as well.

                                Sorry, this is a CLOSED TRIP.

Panama   August 3-10, 2019

Panama is a fascinating Central American country which ranges from the modern skyline of Panama City to the seemingly time forgotten villages of the rural areas. We will be working with National Missionary Rafael Rodriquez. His ministry is in the rural northern part of the country with outreaches to the indigenous people groups of Panama. He has been a significant help to our ministry in Panama for many years. We plan to do both medicine and glasses on this mission so we need both medical and non- medical volunteers. While this will be a more remote outreach, it should still not be a physically demanding trip.

 Medical professionals, please contact as soon as you have an interest in this trip so we can meet the credentialing requirements of the country.

Closing date: June 5, 2019

                            Mission Share: $2100.00

    Mission share must be paid by June 5th, 2019

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