Truth for Today Medical Missions “Caring hands reaching hardened hearts”

 Welcome to Truth For Today Medical Missions.  We are thrilled that you have felt led to visit our website.  At Truth For Today Medical Missions we strive to provide an opportunity for people to use their talents, both medical and non medical in service to those less fortunate in countries around the world.  There are many opportunities to serve.  Please take a look at the missions offered and be sure to check back frequently as new missions will be posted as they are developed.  

Our goal at Truth for Today Medical Missions is to provide a resource for medical professionals and other volunteers who wish to use their skills and talents to assist those in need around the world. It is also our goal to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those we treat. Medicines will run out and glasses will wear out, but the Gospel’s transforming power is eternal!

Welcome! A ministry of Truth for Today Baptist Missions, Inc.,  P.O. Box 91207   Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37412 USA TFTBMI is registered as a non-profit organization in the United States of America.
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